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We produce 60-70 reports a year on investment strategy, dealing with multiple investment topics. The scope of the research is global, including the main G7 countries, the countries of the European Union and Emerging Markets.

Direct coverage
The reports may be integrated with regular calls/visits and access to the Strategy Team to ensure timely distribution of our ideas and to back up and discuss our views.

Interactive Consultancy
Our top-line service is tailored to each client’s requirements, but generally would include multiple copies of all products plus strategy sessions with David Roche and the Strategy Team to review the investment outlook in light of the institution’s portfolio objectives.

Click here to view our archive of reports, or to download a recent report, see the example reports below.

Portfolio Advisory 

Portfolio Construction, Benchmark Selection and Country Allocation
After due consultation with the client, we devise a dedicated investment benchmark and country allocation policy for a portfolio of assets. The focus is on client-specific investment objectives, with an emphasis on meeting return targets and risk parameters. Analysis of historical portfolio performance is helpful, but we also regard a dynamic, forward-looking approach as being critical to the achievement of long-term success. Subject to the client’s investment horizon, we aim to identify where value can be added at the asset class and country allocation level. Over time, the investment benchmark may be reviewed and, subject to the approval of the client, altered.

This distinction between Strategic Asset Allocation consultancy (selection of appropriate asset classes, benchmarks and tactical margins) and Tactical Asset Allocation advice (the practical expression of our ongoing research recommendations) is further complimented by reviews of foreign exchange and hedging policies.

Independent Strategy is available to produce and present quick and incisive analysis of market and sector developments within the “macro” framework.

Alternative Investments 

Alternative investments are becoming an increasingly important part of institutional investors’ portfolios. Through their ability to go short, hedge funds in particular have the potential to make positive returns in both up and down markets. As a result, “alternatives” offer two principal benefits. First, returns often exhibit low levels of correlation with traditional asset classes, thereby providing excellent portfolio diversification characteristics. Second, returns are often generated at lower levels of volatility, contributing to exceptionally attractive risk-adjusted returns at the portfolio level. On this basis, an allocation to a diverse group of alternatives can add significant value.

Independent Strategy has developed a growing expertise in advising clients on alternative investment strategies. Many of the world’s best-known hedge fund managers are, or have been, among the company’s most prominent clients. And in recent years the firm and its partners have become increasingly involved with a number of leading private equity groups.

We have also developed our own analytical capability investigating the performance of various alternative asset and hedge fund styles in different market conditions.

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