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25 Years of Strategic Independence

Independent Strategy, owned by David Roche and his partners, was founded in 1994. The company provides institutional investors with the best research on world-wide strategy and asset allocation. David Roche, well known for his outspoken but prescient views, is credited with adding value to some of the world’s most sophisticated investors.


Independent Strategy means just that. Our research is based on a thoroughly objective view of the world as it is, not as some might like it to be seen.

Independent Strategy adds value to its clients by seeking out investment themes and opportunities, often challenging conventional wisdom.

Our work is characterised by independence of thought and a determination to focus only on money making ideas, resulting in a totally fresh and original approach compared with the overwhelming volume of reports by integrated investment houses.

Competitive Advantage

Over the years, the very nature of the large integrated investment houses made it increasingly difficult for them to give an unbiased view of corporate and government issuers that were often, simultaneously, their primary market clients.

Independent Strategy was established in response to the demand from institutional money managers for a more objective assessment of investment opportunities. Our clients receive research that does not suffer from conflicts of interest.


We add value to our clients by seeking out investment themes and opportunities and by challenging conventional wisdom. Independent Strategy has clients world wide, from a wide spectrum of investment institutions. Our research is designed to add value to investors of all kinds and in all market conditions.

Too often investment research is constrained by the narrow focus of the research provider, but we seek to create a cohesive global view. We are compact and flexible enough to respond quickly to an ever-changing investment scene. The research is designed to benefit both short-term and longer-term strategic thinking. It carefully studies geo-political and economic events, while looking for breaks in historical trends to uncover investment opportunities.

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