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Bob McKee, Consultant Economist

BOB MCKEE, Consultant Economist, joined Independent Strategy in 1994 as international economist. He specialises in the Asian and South American markets. He holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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BOOKSDemocrisis Re-examined

Democrisis Re-examined
David Roche, Bob McKee and Nick Kennedy

Democrisis re-examined. An update on our 2012 hypothesis, reflecting on what more debt and more crises means for the global economy and the outlook for democracy.

Independent Strategy Books


by David Roche and Bob McKee

Democracy caused the debt crisis. Will it survive it? The question is whether new global leaders will stimulate the democratic model.

Independent Strategy Books

BOOKSSovereign DisCredit!

Sovereign DisCredit!
By David Roche and Bob McKee

We’ve had the credit crunch and afterwards a deep economic recession. Now get ready for a sovereign debt crisis after the biggest rise in government debt globally since world war two.

Independent Strategy Books

BOOKSNew Monetarism

New Monetarism
A new edition of the book by David Roche and Bob McKee

After predicting a global credit crisis in the first edition, in this new edition of New Monetarism, one year of the global credit crunch is reviewed and what will happen now.

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