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Redline Money Mixdown — Episode 2: Digital Assets

Carolyn Wright discusses with David Roche and Richard Harris Digital assets and what opportunities they present.

Redline Money

RedLine Money takes the expertise of David Roche and Richard Harris as they talk markets, prices, bubbles, and busts – and some even more interesting topics!

Where is your Red Line?  No losses?  Make as much as inflation?  Or make as much money as you can?  How much pain can you take? Investors need to find out what their red line is – and how it moves.  The RedLine Money podcast can help you find it.

David and Richard have nearly a century between them of searching for the Red Line in bull markets and bear.  Hear what the crowd isn’t saying about current markets and price moves.  In the long term, and even longer – back to the Egyptians.  See markets as an engineering system, a biological organism, or as the behaviour of sub-atomic particles.  You don’t get this from anywhere else.  You know it makes sense.

David Roche, Independent Strategy Ltd

Richard Harris, Port Shelter Investment Management

Carolyn Wright (moderator)

RedLine Money is produced weekly in Hong Kong.

Music by TimMoor from Pixabay


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