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8th March, 2019 » Contradictions

Faltering growth and undershooting inflation expose the contradictions of the ECB’s current policy approach. Despite Draghi’s insistence, they remain well…


14th December, 2018 » Europe adrift

Europe is suffering from a noxious combination of slowing growth and rising political risk. It also has a central bank…


2nd May, 2017 » Renzi returns

Our positive view of the Eurozone is predicated upon the rejection of populism in pending EU elections. The political developments…


10th February, 2017 » Alive and kicking

Europe faces key elections this year. Uncertainty about the outcomes with the possibility of populist parties winning is driving up…


12th November, 2015 » Fractious Europe

If you thought that the “resolution” of the Greek bailout crisis in the summer would give the EU project breathing…


11th December, 2014 » ECB: voting for QE

The ECB is set to introduce ‘full blown’ quantitative easing (QE) early in 2015. Other methods of credit injections will…

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