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The following pages contain chronological lists of articles that have been written by Independent Strategy. Independent Strategy’s research is available by annual subscription. For details of subscription rates and soft dollar payments, please contact Independent Strategy by using the contact form.

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6th March, 2023 » Nuclear renaissance

Nuclear power is back. Nuclear is the most geopolitically stable and environmentally-friendly way out of the energy crisis in Europe.…


15th December, 2022 » Three in one

The Fed, the ECB, and the BoE all increased their policy interest rates by 50bp. That was as expected. Relative…


5th December, 2022 » Done wandering

Wandering through Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Russia, the EU and the future: reconstruction for Ukraine; Saudi-China alliance; China’s COVID…


4th November, 2022 » Oil to boil

We are adding long oil to the portfolio again. This report explains why. Russia will disrupt the oil market rather…


7th September, 2022 » The deciders

This report is about reconciling the historical predictors of doom with the concept of what could go right. It introduces…


8th June, 2022 » The broken plate

The world will continue to split along Cold War lines – economically, culturally, technologically and scientifically. Inflation and recession risks…


19th April, 2022 » Kinder egg

This report discusses the four key variables that lead us to be: 1.Long agricultural commodities, gold and strategic metals; 2.Long…

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