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24th July, 2023 » Spanish fandango

Spain’s snap election over the weekend proved inconclusive. While the centre-right Partido Popular came out on top they failed to…


29th April, 2019 » Por una cabeza

Pedro Sanchez’ gamble to call a snap election paid off. His PSOE has become the biggest party in parliament, its share of the vote at least 10% points ahead of any other. Yet one is left with a lingering sense of fragmentation, especially on the right.


19th February, 2019 » Spanish f(ar)-right

The collapse of Spain’s centre-left government has sounded the alarm bells. The country will now go to the polls in April, its fourth election in eight years. However, this does not mean populist parties are about to take over.


10th October, 2014 » Spain forensic

Spain has been used as a poster child for austerity medicine, receiving constant praise from the Troika for its efforts.…

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