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The following pages contain chronological lists of articles that have been written by Independent Strategy. Independent Strategy’s research is available by annual subscription. For details of subscription rates and soft dollar payments, please contact Independent Strategy by using the contact form.

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7th December, 2021 » Burnt toast

The unequal distribution of US household assets is a reality. The pandemic was never going to change that. But measures…


23rd November, 2021 » The Fed nominations

President Biden’s decision to re-nominate Jerome Powell as Chair of the Fed governing board removes some uncertainty but doesn’t alter…


9th August, 2021 » Sustaining the recovery

US growth should remain robust. While government transfers continue to be pared back, the resurgence of the service sector will…


17th September, 2020 » Future nostalgia

The Fed’s new monetary policy framework looks aggressive in some ways. It allows the FOMC to pursue average inflation targeting…


16th September, 2020 » The blank sheet

It is hard to say much about the upcoming US elections. Biden is so bland as to be much like…


17th October, 2019 » Warning signs

The length of a cycle does not necessarily condemn it. Indeed, the recent trend in developed markets has been towards…


26th April, 2019 » , , Trade thunks

We think there will be several effects from a US-China trade deal. These span import substitution, from a probable increase in US sales to China, including technology imports which will actually make it easier for China to meet its “Made in China” goals.


1st March, 2018 » Debt and the dollar

The tax reform bill and fiscally expansive budget will boost GDP in the shorter-run, but the changes don’t do much…

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