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Umbrella IdeaGuts, shit, drought and ….. hope

Environmentalism and sustainability are unstoppable forces. But some investors remain slow to embrace the change. Thus far most effort has been focussed on reducing emissions from the energy and transport sectors. But between them they only account for 40% of total CO2 output. So the net will have to widen significantly if a real difference is to be made. The key sector that has escaped so far is agriculture. It is responsible for a quarter of total emissions and its secondary environmental impacts are equally damaging. Thankfully, technological innovation is starting to disrupt. New hi-tech foods will replace traditional meat and animal products over the next decade, tilting the existing industry quickly toward bankruptcy. These new alternative foods be better and cheaper, they will provide governments with the low-hanging fruit they need to meet climate goals and push the economic system back towards sustainability. It is a win-win situation and one that should richly reward early investors.

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