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3rd April, 2023 » Banking monitor

The banking panic subsided a little in the week ending 31 March. But investor confidence in the banks remains low…


27th March, 2023 » Banking Monitor

US commercial bank borrowing from the Federal Reserve facilities continued to rise last week, while deposits continued to move out…


6th March, 2023 » Nuclear renaissance

Nuclear power is back. Nuclear is the most geopolitically stable and environmentally-friendly way out of the energy crisis in Europe.…


15th December, 2022 » Three in one

The Fed, the ECB, and the BoE all increased their policy interest rates by 50bp. That was as expected. Relative…


6th December, 2022 » China’s Covid easing

China’s zero-Covid policy has reached its limits. The intention is gradually to relax restrictions while efforts to improve vaccination rates,…


5th December, 2022 » Done wandering

Wandering through Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Russia, the EU and the future: reconstruction for Ukraine; Saudi-China alliance; China’s COVID…


4th November, 2022 » Oil to boil

We are adding long oil to the portfolio again. This report explains why. Russia will disrupt the oil market rather…


27th September, 2022 » In Truss no trust

Our short sterling position is now closed. GBP has hit our USD1.05 target. Now it is about 3c above that…


26th September, 2022 » Buongiorno Giorgia!

Giorgia Meloni scored a spectacular electoral victory in Italy. Italians have the first directly elected government in a decade with…

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