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28th July, 2017 » Vox Populi

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ model for populism. It’s hard to identify in advance why social pressures morph…


12th July, 2017 » The Gods of war

The US mainland is now potentially in range of North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal. Diplomacy is past its sell-by date,…


2nd May, 2017 » Renzi returns

Our positive view of the Eurozone is predicated upon the rejection of populism in pending EU elections. The political developments…


7th March, 2017 » The greenback and EM FX

We have argued that the greenback’s multi-year bull-run might last a couple more months. But it is over or ending.…


10th February, 2017 » Alive and kicking

Europe faces key elections this year. Uncertainty about the outcomes with the possibility of populist parties winning is driving up…


14th November, 2016 » Trump l’Oeil

The reaction of financial markets to Trump’s election is explainable by expectations of tax cuts and rising fiscal spending. This…


25th October, 2016 » Autumn dirge

Free capital, like free water, is never going to be used productively. So it should be no surprise that central…


11th October, 2016 » Pivot Point

It is time to take out insurance against a gradual ending of central bank largesse. Sovereign bond yield curve steepeners…


6th October, 2016 » The Gordonian Knot

Robert Gordon’s gloomy hypothesis of perpetually slow economic growth looks credible at first glance, but on closer examination it is…

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