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28th November, 2023 » Dearly beloved …  NEW

The new doctrine of self-exoneration and supply-side inflation guilt means that central bankers will not raise rates any more and…


24th November, 2023 » Double Dutch  NEW

The victory of Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) in this week’s Netherlands election follows a familiar pattern. Electorates across Europe…


27th October, 2023 » Dark clouds

Our forecast has been for a long war of attrition with Ukraine holding its own and wearing down the Russians.…


15th August, 2023 » Debt inflation

China’s property sector implosion is worsening and credit growth is falling. The economy is entering a debt deflation trap. We…


25th July, 2023 » It’s not Goldilocks

Are the developed economies entering a ‘sweet spot’, a Goldilocks economy where ‘normal’ inflation resumes, interest rates fall, economic growth…


24th July, 2023 » Spanish fandango

Spain’s snap election over the weekend proved inconclusive. While the centre-right Partido Popular came out on top they failed to…


17th July, 2023 » Weighing wheat

It looks like this time Putin may be serious about pulling out of the grain deal. Together with El Nino/global…


29th June, 2023 » From populism to power

There’s an important change in political trajectory in Europe. So-called extremist parties are gaining power and office in Europe’s governments.…


24th June, 2023 » Russian coup

This is definitely an attempted Prigozhin/Wagner coup against Shoigu and Gerasimov and indirectly Putin. Our view is that this coup…


22nd May, 2023 » Banking Monitor

Since the beginning of the current crisis, bank deposits have fallen $390bn, while borrowing from the Fed and other sources…


8th May, 2023 » Banking Monitor

The Federal Reserve raised its policy rate again last week and indicated that any fall in the rate was unlikely…


1st May, 2023 » Banking Monitor

The imminent sell-off of First Republic Bank is another chapter in the banking crisis. There was large outflow of deposits…


24th April, 2023 » Banking Monitor

With the immediate liquidity crisis over, the Fed has now returned to cutting its balance sheet, mainly through reductions in…


17th April, 2023 » Banking monitor

The banking crisis in March appears to be over, according to the latest April data from the Federal Reserve. But…


10th April, 2023 » Banking Monitor

Total borrowing by banks from the Fed fell back a little last week and the Fed resumed its tightening mode.…


3rd April, 2023 » Banking monitor

The banking panic subsided a little in the week ending 31 March. But investor confidence in the banks remains low…


27th March, 2023 » Banking Monitor

US commercial bank borrowing from the Federal Reserve facilities continued to rise last week, while deposits continued to move out…

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