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The following pages contain chronological lists of articles that have been written by Independent Strategy. Independent Strategy’s research is available by annual subscription. For details of subscription rates and soft dollar payments, please contact Independent Strategy by using the contact form.

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29th December, 2014 » A new Greek tragedy

Greece faces parliamentary elections as soon as 25 January following the failure of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to install his…


11th December, 2014 » ECB: voting for QE

The ECB is set to introduce ‘full blown’ quantitative easing (QE) early in 2015. Other methods of credit injections will…


6th November, 2014 » Draghi reasserts control

Downside economic risks warranting preparation of new extraordinary measures and a quantification of ECB balance sheet expansion were the two…


10th October, 2014 » Spain forensic

Spain has been used as a poster child for austerity medicine, receiving constant praise from the Troika for its efforts.…


28th July, 2014 » Japan – false hope

Japan’s deteriorating trade deficit exposes one of the biggest problems with Abenomics. It places too much weight on the Bank…


3rd July, 2014 » The Big ‘Un

As inflation rises global capital will be repriced.  The process will start in the US, though the UK may be…


1st April, 2014 » It’s extreme!

Increasing weather-related natural disasters are probably related to global warming. Even if they are not, governments and investors need to…


28th March, 2014 » QE quandary

The ECB needs to engineer a quickening of inflation across the region to avoid deviating further from its inflation target.…


11th March, 2014 » Whither?

There are five key issues that need to be addressed for investment strategy. First, the rate of global economic growth…

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